We at Colour Infomedia offers quiet simply the most realistic and advanced technology available today. We have been offering digital solutions Since 2004 and have kept-on updating it with latest technology. We built Ecatalogs to be the most 3-D  Page turning technology on the planet, with the level of dynamism unmatched by others. It gives end-users life-like experience they prefer from online publication. Our Ecatalog are different.

There are many providers offering page turning services – but none focused on  professional business market. Once client experiences the superior form and function of ours, no other solution truly compares. Our focus is providing qualified creative professionals with the tools to produce outstanding Digital Publications. Once you view ours other tends to pale in comparison.

Our Ecatalog Interface is clean and simple – designed to work in harmony  with actual documents, rather than clutter the page with Confusing Icons. Intuitive Navigation and controls allows the user to move through a publication with ease and realistic  truly enhances the viewing /reading experiences.
Our technology is constantly updated. No Company can profess to be the solution for every possible digital publication need – however we firmly believe our ongoing offerings are unmatched.

Our Technology turns ordinary PDF to extraordinary page turning presentations.

No other solution provider offers such Realism, Sophistication, customization and flexibility.

Whether you offer creative service or require them we have an  advanced digital solution for you.

Please contact us with your specific needs… and we will provide an expert solution for you.

Inventive. Intuitive. Interactive. Innovative.